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" art,science,and commerce of Legal Deception"

 21 November 2019
 On Facebook group - eRotary Belgaum 3170
 Er.Uday N.Kalkundrikar
 Advertisement has become an all important asset foe buisness promotion and its success.It calls for huge financial investment, and its thoughtful use for optimum results.We all are so vulnerable to the audio visual onslaught that it literally captures our minds and deprives of rational thinking all together.All this is done in a perfectly legal manner.It contribute to the immense success in sale of the merchandise and ensure a huge turnover of the products.Uday Kalkundrikar,an accomplished orator will shade some light on this shady matter.
 A balanced view of the field of advertisement with an overview of conceptualization,video photography,and presentation was discussed.A small but limited discussion followed.