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 28 November 2019
 On Facebook group - eRotary Belgaum 3170
 PP.Rt.Dr.Anil Patil
 Digitisation has affected our entire life so inextricably that it influences our daily activities.It has brought the entire world closer but at a price of losing our personal touch and one o one contact in person.While we are enjoying the fruits of digital advances we are suffering fro physical as well as mental problems.One such issue relates to abnormal physical posture resulting in orthopaedic problems for almost all of us.It is this issue which will be discussed today..
 Dr.Anil Patil presented a very pursuasive case of digital deaddiction and nomohobia.An elaborate yet very simple and lucid talk on the downsides of excessive dependence on this gadget,and how it can be minimised was very timely and effective.It left all of us convinced that now is the time to take corrective measures.He also explained how to do it .The meeting was thoroughly enjoyed by all,and everyone felt a need for an encore.There was another happy surprise in store for all,and in particular for PP Joshi.He received PHF 5 recognition.PP Mirji did the honours.A tastey dinner was was well served by Rt.Kavita.Rt.Ashutosh was generous in offering logistic support in his institution.Overall it was a good biginning of altered schedule of our meetings.